The Mantra Room – Live Kirtan

Event Details

Date: Occurs every week on Friday
Time: 6-8pm

Where is it?

The Mantra Room
236 Montague Rd,
West End, 4101

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The Mantra Room in West End offers a vibrant mixture of music styles together with sacred yoga chant at a relaxed, enchanting setting. Featured kirtan leaders comprise Jayadharma, a popular yoga instructor whose smokey jazz affected kirtan will have you tapping your toes and your voice soaring in reaction; Gayatri, with a melodic and attractive voice which will lead you on an inward journey; and Ishvara, who’ll have everyone up and dancing with an enlivening, soul inspiring, rocking kirtan.

The adventure of Kirtan is like no other, you are not only listening to the songs, the leader sings the mantra, everybody sings back. It starts off slow and meditative and the tempo gradually builds and builds, one chant can go for thirty minutes or longer. Everybody is welcome to come sing and dancing enthusiastically or just rest your heart and head from the transcendental sound.

Come watch, meditate and allow the music set you free!”